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Prevent pain while travelling

Posted By Dr Teagan Murphy,
13/12/2023 16:00 PM
Are you travelling over the holiday period? Don't let back pain and stiffness ruin your trip.Sitting in a car or plane seat for hours on end can lead to restricted mobility of the spinal...

Spinal Degeneration (and why it matters!)

Posted By Dr Izzy Ryan,
29/11/2023 14:00 PM
      Degeneration in your spine can lead to loss of normal structure and function. So, what causes degeneration? 🤔   Degeneration is often referred to as “wear and...

High-Quality EPA/DHA Fish Oil Supplements

Posted By Rae,
25/11/2023 11:01 AM
High quality fish oils are a fantastic way to improve your overall health! Omega-3 Fatty acids have been shown to:  1️⃣ Improve heart health 🫀 by improving cholesterol levels, decreasing...

Our Posture Braces!

Posted By Dr Teagan Murphy,
01/11/2023 15:49 PM
Have you seen these posture braces in our waiting room?  The Posture Medic helps stabilise your shoulders through muscle training. You maintain your full range of motion while wearing the device...

Changes to the pelvis during pregnancy.

Posted By Dr Izzy,
21/10/2023 11:29 AM
Our pelvis is supported by many ligaments and muscles which help to keep it stable. 💪 During pregnancy (especially weeks 10-12), this stability can be influenced by two major hormones -...

The Cracking Noise During Your Adjustments!

Posted By Dr Teagan,
07/10/2023 11:40 AM
What is that cracking or popping sound during your adjustment?    Joint Cavitation or “popping” is just the formation of gas within a joint that is released with a fast high amplitude...

The mechanisms behind chronic pain.

Posted By Dr Izzy Ryan,
25/09/2023 16:40 PM
    Chronic Pain - Let’s chat about it. Pain is like a protective guardian in our bodies, always looking out for our well-being. It's a signal sent out by receptors that notify our...

Hisako's Massage Techniques!

Posted By Rae,
23/08/2023 10:00 AM
  When most people think of a ‘massage’, they think of a relaxation, or swedish style, massage! However, there are many more different techniques that can be used. 😌💆‍♀️ &nbs...

E.N.T Immune Care by Metagenics!

Posted By Rae,
31/07/2023 08:00 AM
    Introducing our latest product: E.N.T. Immune Care for Kids by Metagenics! 🧒🌟 E.N.T. Immune care is formulated to help support upper respiratory health in children. 👶...

Hisako's Favourite Winter Drinks!

Posted By Hisako,
13/07/2023 10:07 AM
Warm up this winter with Hisako’s favourite winter drinks! ☕🔥   Hot chocolate with cacao is not only delicious but also provides magnesium, which helps relax muscles. Cacao release...