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Our Posture Braces!

Posted By Dr Teagan Murphy  
15:49 PM

Have you seen these posture braces in our waiting room?

The Posture Medic helps stabilise your shoulders through muscle training. You maintain your full range of motion while wearing the device and it gently reminds you to correct to your posture whenever you relapse into incorrect postures such as slouching. It works to build “muscle memory” so that you unconsciously and naturally maintain correct posture without fatigue! 😄


You can also use the Posture Medic to stretch! The included stretches (found on their website and in the manual inside the packet) are specifically designed to identify which muscles are tight and to relieve that pressure.


Doing these stretches 3-4 times per day, or as you notice your muscles tightening up, may increase your range of motion and relieve muscular pain. Each stretch only needs to be held for 5-15 seconds and you’ll notice a difference!