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Changes to the pelvis during pregnancy.

Posted By Dr Izzy  
11:29 AM

Our pelvis is supported by many ligaments and muscles which help to keep it stable. 💪 During pregnancy (especially weeks 10-12), this stability can be influenced by two major hormones - Progesterone and relaxin.

Muscles and ligaments become increasingly extensible during this time to ready the pelvis for giving birth. This will then cause laxity in the joints of the pelvis as there isn’t enough tension to keep the pelvis in its optimum position.

Along with hormone changes, there are changes to our posture as well. The main changes affecting the pelvis are:

1️⃣ An increased anterior pelvic tilt and increased lumbar lordosis (curve in your low back).

2️⃣ Your centre of gravity shifts forward, putting more pressure on your pelvis and lower back.

It is common for all of these changes to cause pain during your pregnancy! 😖 Seeing a chiropractor may help in relieving some of the discomfort that comes with these changes.