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The Importance of Tummy Time

Posted By Dr Kate Grogan  
09:00 AM




Tummy time is really important for your baby’s development 👶. We want you to know It’s never too early or too late to start! 







Tummy time is important for:

🌟Neck and shoulder strength

🌟Development of motor skills


🌟Stimulation of the brain

🌟Stepping stone for rolling and crawling

🌟Reducing flats spots on the head (plagiocephaly)


Tips for tummy time: 

➡️Wait 30 mins after feeding

➡️Perform after a nappy change or nap

➡️Make it fun

➡️Get down and interact at your baby’s level

➡️Try different positions

➡️You can generally start practicing from day 1

➡️Start with 30-60 seconds and increase time with age

➡️When old enough encourage to turn head side to side


Alternative Tummy time positions: 

🌟Laying across your lap

🌟Cradling in arms face down

🌟Chest to chest with parent

🌟Assisted by holding baby’s chest up slightly

🌟Assisted with a rolled towel under chest

🌟Guided rocking on an exercise ball

*these positions are age & ability dependant 


If you are struggling with tummy time or your baby is really unhappy whilst doing it, we highly recommend you find out why. One of the common causes for disliking tummy time is tightness & restrictions in neck movement and weakness of the shoulders. 


Our Chiropractor Dr Kate has completed postgraduate paediatric training and has many years experience in this area. To have your baby’s tummy time and neck strength assessed, you can book an appointment online via our website or call (03) 9572 0277.