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3 Conditions Chiros see

Posted By Dr Izzy  
18:00 PM


When most people think of Chiropractic care, they often think of back pain, neck pain and the spine. Did you know that Chiropractors can actually help you manage many other conditions too? 

3 common conditions you may be surprised to know about include:

-       TMJ/Jaw pain

-       Shoulder pain

-       Headaches 




TMJ pain 

The Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a joint that connects your mandible (jaw) to your skull. The position of the TMJ and the movement of the joint is controlled by the surrounding muscles. These muscles allow for movements from side to side, front to back and up and down. Often these muscles can become tight and cause pain & dysfunction. 

Common causes of pain/dysfunction in your TMJ are:

-       Stress/clenching 

-       Poor posture 

-       Injury

It is important to remember that our posture can contribute to dysfunction in the TMJ. With poor posture (A.K.A. text neck), your head sits more forward than it should, this puts extra load and pressure on the joints and muscles in the neck, head & TMJ. This extra tension on all of the joints increases your chance of developing pain and dysfunction. 

 One of the most common factors with TMJ pain that we see is Stress! When you are stressed you are likely to be clenching your jaw &/or grinding your teeth, often in your sleep without you even realizing it. This creates tight muscles around the TMJ, neck and head, resulting in pain and discomfort as well as headaches. 



Most people would have suffered from a headache at least once in their life, but for some headaches can become a weekly or even daily occurrence. No regular headache is a normal headache! They are usually an indication that your body is not functioning as well as it could.

Headaches can be due to multiple factors including:

-       Poor posture 

-     Neck tension

-       Lack of sleep 

-       Too much screen time

-       Dehydration 

-       Stress


As chiropractors we see people everyday who suffer from headaches and benefit greatly from chiropractic care. We focus on restoring movement and function to the spine with Chiropractic adjustments, reducing tension and pain and allowing the nervous system to function at its best. This can help reduce the frequency and duration of your headaches. We also work towards Improving your posture and removing stressors from your life to reduce your headaches.  


Shoulder pain

-       The shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in the body, however being so mobile means that the shoulder is less stable compared to other joints in the body, leaving the shoulder more vulnerable to injury. 

-       Pain in the shoulder can be caused by many different factors such as: 

-     Injury or imbalance to the muscles & ligaments around the joint (rotator cuff)

-    Restriction or injury to the joint itself

-   Poor posture & daily habits that build up over time resulting in increased musculoskeletal tension, pain and dysfunction.


If you are currently experiencing any of these conditions and didn’t think chiropractic care would be able to help, or if you would like more information about TMJ pain, shoulder pain or headaches reach out to us. You can call us on 9572 0277 or  book an appointment online with one of our chiropractors today and have a chat to them about reducing your pain and getting you moving and functioning at your best!