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The mechanisms behind chronic pain.

Posted By Dr Izzy Ryan  
16:40 PM



Chronic Pain - Let’s chat about it.

Pain is like a protective guardian in our bodies, always looking out for our well-being. It's a signal sent out by receptors that notify our brain when something might be wrong. And here's the thing - whether our brain interprets this signal as pain or not can depend on various factors, like what's happening around us, what we've been through before, and how we're feeling overall. 

When these pain receptors become overly sensitive due to frequent triggers and tissue damage, it can lead to what we call chronic pain. This is when you feel pain that is consistently present for more than three months, even if there's no actual harm or tissue damage. This can be tough not only physically, but mentally. 

The upside is that the experience of chronic pain isn't just about having physical issues or conditions present. Pain is also influenced by things like how well you're sleeping, how you're feeling mentally, your physical health, and your beliefs surrounding pain. Knowing this can be a game-changer when it comes to understanding and managing your pain. 


If you've been dealing with persistent pain and you're looking for ways to make life a bit easier, we're here to help.