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Prevent pain while travelling

Posted By Dr Teagan Murphy  
16:00 PM

Are you travelling over the holiday period? Don't let back pain and stiffness ruin your trip.

Sitting in a car or plane seat for hours on end can lead to restricted mobility of the spinal vertebrae. That's where we come in!

Chiropractors adjust the spine is to improve mobility in the joints. They also influence the muscles and ligaments around the joints that become tight due to that altered/restricted movement of the vertebrae

Restricted joints can also have an impact on the spinal nerves that exit the spine which may affect your nervous system and how well it is functioning. It can also lead to nerve pain, like sciatica.

Plan ahead and book a Chiro appointment for after your holiday, so you can return to optimum function and prevent further injury. 😊

If you're not able to make it in for an adjustment, try the following to keep your spine moving!

1: Regular breaks. Stop once per hour and have a walk around and stretch. 
2: Stay hydrated. Dehydration can lead to increased muscle tension and headaches. 
3: Maintain good posture. Adjust your car seat so you're not hunching over to reach the steering wheel, and don't sit with a wallet in your back pocket.