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How Remedial Massage can help with mental health.

Posted By Roy Martin  
11:59 AM

It’s no secret that men have it tough when it comes to mental health. So, how can a Remedial massage help with this? 🤔  Well, Massage may provide emotional balance by lowering Cortisol & increasing Serotonin. These are key hormones that help stabilise our mood and boost general happiness & feelings of well-being! 😄

Benefits Remedial Massage may have on men's health: 

-       Reduces Stress

-       Decreases Anxiety 

-       Decreases Depression 

-       Reduces Irritability 

-       Improves Sleep 

-       Increases Sociability 

-       Increased energy  


By treating yourself to a massage, you’re not only reducing pain, improving your body's muscular functionality & range of movement, but you are quite literally elevating your overall mental mood!

If you need a massage, book an appointment with our remedial Massage Therapist Roy. 👐