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What To Expect


What To expect At Your First Myotheray Appointment

For your first Myotherapy appointment, please bring along any medical related reports (XRAYS/ MRI/ CT scan) that relates to your condition. We will ask many questions about your symptoms. You will be asked relevant questions about your medical history, including prior illness and surgery. This information is kept in strictest confidence and is used by the therapist to help pinpoint the cause of your symptoms.

Our myotherapist will perform a physical examination of the affected joint(s) and associated muscles. This initial examination is thorough and helps the myotherapist to find out where the symptoms are coming form. Depending on your medical condition, the myotherapist may refer you to another healthcare professional for further diagnosis or treatment.


Initial consultations are generally 60 minutes.


Ongoing Management With Myotherapy

Our myotherapist will work with you to identify factors that may be making your condition worse (such as poor posture or overtraining) and help you find ways to avoid or reduce these aggravating factors. Subsequent conultations are generally 30 - 60 minutes and include a brief check on your health and progress since the last consultation, as well as some clinical assessment, followed by treatment.