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How We Work


Waverley Road Chiropractic Centre was first established in 1997. For over 20 years we have been caring for the residents of Malvern East and its surrounds. We have always prided ourselves in the gentle and specific care that we offer, as well as the care of pregnant and breastfeeding women, babies and children.


Chiropractic is one of the largest natural health care modality in the world. People of all ages and with any health status chose natural Chiropractic care every day to help to regain, revitalise or improve their health and to reduce pain. The main aim of each chiropractic visit is to remove vertebral subluxation (vertebral joint dysfunction/ mis-alignment), enabling your body to express its full potential. Chiropractors are primary care health providers that are highly trained in assessment and diagnosis of health conditions. You will NOT need a medical referral to see a Chiropractor.

The philosophy behind chiropractic is simple... The human body is a self healing and self regulating machine that enable you to function and perform each day. There are three basic principles of Chiropractic, these are:
1. The Nervous System (the brain, spinal cords and peripheral nerves) is the body's master controller.  
2. The Spine (plus skull & pelvis) is the master protector that keeps the nervous system safe. 
3. Spinal misalignment or dysfunction (vertebral subluxation) can occur and may interfere with the function of the nervous system. This may result in a variety of symptoms.


At Waverley Road Chiropractic Cenre we offer three stages of care for you to choose from.





Many people begin Chiropractic care as a result of some sort of symptom. When a person has an acute problem, our number one goal is to address your health concerns and relieve your pain. After a thorough history and exam, specific recommendations will be discussed with you in order to help you get the most out of your treatment and to assist your body to function optimally again. When you are in acute pain, visits may be more frequent as your body repairs. Once symptoms subside many people chose to continue their care as a preventative health approach.



Corrective Care - To help the cause of your problem 


After your symptoms have subsided or improved, this type of care helps you achieve increased function and mobility. Our goal is to correct the underlying spinal problems that caused or contributed to your initial complaint. At this stage of care we look to strengthen and stabilise the spinal joints and muscles.



Wellness Care - Keeping you strong and switched on 


Our goal is to maintain the health of your spine and nervous system, helping you to catch and correct small problems before they become serious. The majority of our clients choose this form of care (normally monthly) for them and their family so they can all feel great and function at their best.


Techniques We Use


Our Chiropractors are trained in several techniques and modify the techniques that they use so that you receive the appropriate individualised care that you require. Stretches and corrective exercises that are tailored to your body to help it heal, repair and rebuild may also be prescribed. Our chiropractors will always take the time to explain their recommendations and answer your questions in order for you and your family to feel happy, comfortable and relaxed at each visit.


In order for you to achieve the best results, Your chiropractor may enquire about your lifestyle, including; physical, emotional, chemical and environmental factors, stress, immunity, nutrition and other health related factors that may be affecting your health and body function.



Diversified Technique


Diversified technique is the most commonly used technique within Chiropractic. It's main purpose is to restore joint motion and improve the alignment of the spine. Diversified involves a quick, low amplitude thrust. It is an effective technique to help restore spinal movement that is commonly associated with a chiropractic adjustment.





Our chiropractic tables are fitted with a drop piece. This means that a section of the table will lift up and when an adjustment is performed, the table will drop down. The table sounds loud but is a gentle and effective form of chiropractic care, so gentle, it is an appropriate technique of choice for pregnant women (with a pregnancy pillow in place).



SOT is a chiropractic technique that focuses on the relationship between the sacrum at the bottom of the spine and the occiput at the top of the spine. It has a focus on the flow of cerebrospinal fluid which is important for the nutrition of the brain and spinal cord. SOT uses triangular blocks placed under the pelvis which allows your body weight and gravity to make gentle corrections.




The activator is a hand held device used by chiropractors to apply a small impulse to the spine. It is used as an alternative to manual adjusting and is appropriate for people of all ages. The activator has multiple settings - gentle settings for babies and more firm settings for adults. We choose to use this technique for patients that may wish to have a more gentle experience with Chiropractic. 

Effective relief from back pain and musculoskeletal aches and pains.